Write it like a boss.

One of the more difficult skills to acquire in the writing field is being able to write in someone else’s voice. This is not a skill that comes naturally to me, in fact, I’ve had to work on it over the years. I do find that the more I read someone else’s writing, the easier it is to mimic their writing voice. This was my first stab at writing a press release using the boss’s voice. I think it came out quite well, and the boss liked it,  but compare for yourself with their other press releases.



Facebook contest draws new fans.

One surefire way to make new friends on Facebook is to give something away.  For my client,  French Cowgirls, I really wanted to boost the Facebook fan base and get people involved by liking and sharing content with their friends. My client decided to give away four of her custom, hand-dyed vintage lace scarves to her new fans.  I also hoped that with more fans, there would be more interaction on the page giving even more exposure.

The contest ran four weeks and we gave away a different scarf every week. I was able to utilize a very affordable Facebook application to keep costs low, and I created a series of graphics for each give-away scarf to pique the interest of potential. I also did a couple of low-cost Facebook ads to gain exposure, but ultimately found that for this client there was a better way to get fans than paying for Facebook advertising.

Sometimes marketing on social media just takes leg work. Finding like-minded companies and pages to share on your page, and then asking them to do the same. I found that this approach along with the eye-catching graphics was the best way to target new fans. By the end of the campaign, the client had a 65% increase in fans. In addition to that I was pleased to see posts being shared, liked and commented on.

SFrench Cowgirlsee more French Cowgirl designs and become a fan.

Inspiration makes the writing easy.

Back when I was the marketing coordinator at Tofurky, it was often challenging for me to carve out time to write our newsletter. It was easy to brain storm the topics, but actually sitting down and writing articles in between phone calls and emails? I guess you could say that duty was often pushed on to the next day’s “to do” list.

Eventually I started thinking about my creative duties at work while I was running on my treadmill at home. It was during one such run that I came up with the idea to have my new product spotlight article in interview format. After that, the writing was easy.

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