Bubba’s Brew is the best little coffee stand in the Gorge.

Here’s something I don’t like to admit about myself: I drink the same espresso drink each day, and ordering that drink from a stranger requires me to utter about 26 syllables. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people, and yes, it is embarrassing. Does this stop me from ordering it every day? No, it does not.

I’ve always made it a point to support the little coffee shops of the world, and believe me when I say I’ve tried just about every coffee stand, shop, and cart in the Columbia River Gorge. Now that you know my coffee credentials, here’s five reasons why Bubba’ s Brew in White Salmon is the best of the best in my not-so-humble espresso-drenched opinion.

1. Bubba’s uses Longbottom Espresso beans. I like my drink to have a little punch, and Longbottom espresso totally delivers the face punch aspect without any bitterness. Each sip delivers a smooth, slightly sweet slap to the face that says, “wake the hell up.”

2. Ashley and her employees will make your drink the way you want it. If you come by regularly, she’ll remember your drink (in my case it’s posted in her regular’s book), but still ask you each time if you want the same thing before she makes it, because you never know when a person might get crazy and substitute a sugar-free flavor for their regular white chocolate.

3. Speaking of which, she has a sugar-free caramel sauce that will knock your damn socks off. I may have converted for good (probably not).

4. I won’t embarrass her by giving away her age, but let’s just say that I admire Ashley for being a young entrepreneur. She’s smart, she’s nice and she’s good at what she does. I’m telling you, if I’d had my act together the way she does, I’d probably be retired already.

5. She’s a committed animal lover. She has several cats and a huge, goofy puppy of her own, but she’s also fostered animals in the past and participates in fundraisers put on by our local shelters. Not only that, but after my cat was attacked by raccoons, she offered to come by and check on her while we were out of town. How’s that for being awesome?

So there you go, five reasons to try Bubba’s Brew in White Salmon. If you’re curious, ask for “the Monica,” but be prepared for the possibility of caffeine hallucinations. Just kidding. Or am I?