Libraries are here to pump you up.

Do you know what I adore? I adore those occasions when I can combine two things I love. Chocolate and peanut butter. Music and dancing. Ice cream and root beer (actually I hate both of those things, but damn, they’re good together!)

Guess what else goes great together? Working out and libraries. Not working out AT the library, although I do get a lot of squats in while getting down to put books on the bottom shelves. I mean work outs that you can get for free through the library.

Hoopla digital streaming has SEVEN different videos from Jillian Michaels, and most of those have more than one work out. If your library subscribes to Hoopla then that means you can get a ridiculous exercise ass kicking any time you want. For free.

Hoopla and Freegal, another subscription service that many library’s offer, can also help you put together a sweet mix to work out to. I would give you some examples, but I don’t necessarily want to own up to what music motivates me (*cough* Pitbull).

Checking out the library’s book and DVD collections can also prove fruitful. Check your library’s data base for key terms like yoga, tai chi, pilates, zumba, or strength training. Or try searching for a trainer or training program. Sometimes just browsing the 613 sections of your library’s book or DVD collection can help you get started with your fitness goals or get you out of a work out slump. Like how this book helped me build up my library squatting muscles.

I like going to the gym as much as the next girl, but it’s also nice to know that I sweat to the oldies in my living room too.